Welcome to Techphics.

Hi there! My name is Jack and welcome to my little slice of the internet labelled Techphics. Each week on Techphics, I will be releasing a simple to read and easy to navigate PC Build Guild packed with information components I feel give you the best bang for your buck!

Who or what will the Build Guides be aimed at? It could be anything! Budget builds, gaming, home/office use, server use – the list is endless! Whatever the choice may be, each guide is guaranteed to have information you don’t want to pass up on. Every guide released will have a summary page explaining the target audience for the guide and what the components combined have to offer. Not only that, but each component will have its own page to display all its glory. A brief description of the component including the brand, product name and price will be accompanied by a picture so you know what you’re looking at. I’ll also explain why it’s been selected as well as ending with a ‘To Used or Not To Used’ section; a segment recommending if buying pre-owned is a safe route to venture down or avoid.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is Techphics. Since my father showed me the inside of what I was using to play The Sims back in 2002, I’ve had a passion for Computers and expanding my knowledge about the latest and great components on the block. I feel it’s time to give back to this incredible community and help welcome aboard those who want to get into building computers with information you can trust. Thank you for reading and Welcome to Techphics.


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